The Best Skin-care Tips: Here Are My 3 Easy Steps to Glowing Skin by Teresa Washington

Skin Care
a year ago
The Best Skin-care Tips: Here Are My 3 Easy Steps to Glowing Skin

Ladies, do you want to know my quick secrets glowing skin? Here are my three easy steps to get glowing:

  1. Clarisonic brush.
  2. Use coconut oil every night.
  3. Tons of alkaline water.

Here are a few bonus tips that will help your skin, too:

  • Use an under eye cream to prevent wrinkles.
  • Do your best to eliminate sugar, fried foods and red meat from your diet.

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Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
I think I need a Clarisonic brush, stat. Thank you for sharing your secrets to glowing skin with us, Teresa Washington . You are so beautiful and we appreciate all the great tips you share!
I have to stop sleeping on my stomach, I guess...
Teresa Washington
I used to be a tummy sleeper too, it can be difficult to sleep on your back
Until I noticed how puffy my face was every morning and my esthetician advised me to sleep on my back to prevent puffiness and wrinkles... so far it’s worked...

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