The Constant Gardener: Why You Need to Separate the Weeds From the Flowers in Life – Every Day by Kristan Wager

Faith & Spirituality
2 years ago
The Constant Gardener: Why You Need to Separate the Weeds From the Flowers in Life – Every Day

A few years ago, I read John Le Carre's The Constant GardenerI love a great spy book, but what caught me is the title.

Because of life and travel I am not often a “constant gardener” but a “sporadic gardener.” Once the beds are in and mulched I walk away and suddenly I am faced with days of weeding instead of the minutes each day of constant effort. This year I have resolved to be the “constant gardener” and I am in the garden most days, picking flowers, weeding a little here and there and as a reward, my garden is lovely and almost weed free.

Almost. See, last year, bindweed crept in during my sporadic phase. Otherwise known as mock morning glory, it looks lovely on a fence. It is death to a garden as it twines around and smothers everything. Life problems are the bindweed of life. They often come looking pretty and the destruction is disguised. Addiction, temptation, frustration and more usually are a temporary distraction and without constant weeding of our lives, we do not see their roots weaving insidiously in the garden.

A constant gardener treats life with prayer, self-examination and daily care. Weeds are pulled early and often, even pretty ones.

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Donna John
LOVE this, Kristan Wager . No truer words have been spoken. We need to take care of things before they get out of hand. It's a hard lesson to learn, however. Great post!
Kristan Wager
Thank you. Now to keep applying the lesson!
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
This is beautiful, Kristan Wager . You are so right. I need to apply this as a daily mantra. Thank you!
Barbara Tennant
Somehow it is easier for me to weed my heart than my garden. You do well at both : )
Debbie Howard
Great food for thought!
Direct Mail Lists
Very informative post, love the way you write and I think that the knowledge helps in a way. I don’t usually say this, but I think it is a great job done.

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